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Customer Testimonials

"At FBM we are always looking for new and different ways to deliver value to our customers. We recently collaborated with Extreme Drywall Concepts to help tell their story, show the quality work they do and how FBM helps them take excellence to the extreme. Extreme Drywall Concepts was founded in 2009 in Phoenix Arizona by Chris Estrada. Extreme specializes in metal stud framing, drywall, drywall finishes/textures, painting, FRP, Ceiling grid systems and insulation. FBM’s goal is to always supply quality build products on time, safely and effectively and become the customers company of choice."

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“I just got word that the delivery is finished at the Castle Pines Golf Course and it went really well. I know this was not an easy delivery, but they got it done and we could not be more pleased and thankful for their work. Situations like this is why we enjoy working with FBM and will continue to work with them in the future. Please pass this word on to them as well.”

SNR Contractors & Associates Inc.

"I want to tell you about Tom at the FBM Covington, KY Branch. He went way above what is expected by getting up early to drive to Dayton, Ohio to get my product to me on time. He not only did it once, but again a few days later so I could finish the job on time. Tom has turned me into a loyal FBM customer."

August (Contractor in KY)

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